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Just started on Instagram so I'll be adding pics as I go. Just click on the camera and see what I've been snapping
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Halloween means pumpkins, classical style. I've done a few over the years, see which ones you can recognise.
As you may know I now have my podcasts and you can find them on iTunes , Soundcloud and even a dedicated podcast blog at Libsyn .
Halloween Special - classical pumpkin carving

This year I face my biggest challenge yet, in terms of pumpkin carving. The famous encounter between Achilles and Penthesilea

Latest Podcast:

STIs in Antiquity (Part I)

An xmas treat, because you can't spell 'festive' without STI. Which STIs existed in antiquity and how did they treat them? Strong content and more than enough to put you off your lunch.

The plush toy? It's chlamydia apparently......