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Slowly falling down the steps of antiquity with a smile on my face...


Hello and welcome....

Many years ago I left Uni and after doing a part time MA in Classical Civ I missed the contact I had with a subject I had grown to love. Five years ago I started a Tumblr blog and a twitter account purely to chat and revisit the subject I'd left behind.

Trying to wrestle with a proverb involving dogs and tricks I started doing some vlogs and soon I'll be cracking on with podcasts. It then dawned on me that I should have a website to put all of this on, and thus here we are.

I tend to focus on the more unusual or less mainstream topics, some dark, some funny (hopefully). The idea is offering something to those familiar with ancient history whilst possibly tweaking the interest of newcomers to it.

I'll be moving content over gradually and adding new bits when I get the chance. If you want to get in touch or make a comment feel free to get me on twitter or by using the form to the right.