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Infamy, infamy.....
New VLOG! All about the aspis, the hoplite shield,
A guide to the Roman legionary helmet, it's that simple.
Ahh, the gladius. Where it came from and how it evolved, and a themed T-shirt for effect.
The pugio, or dagger, turns out there might be a bit more to it than you expect
The Roman shield, or scutum and how it developed into a vital piece of kit
After cleaning my Roman armour I decided to give an overview of it.
No expense spent here on a series of videos covering the three main battles featuring Hannibal and the Romans
Trebia (with themed winter jumper)
Trasimene                                                                                         and Cannae
I ran (or walked 5km) in my kit for charity - this is how it went.

Ever thought about carving a pumpkin with a scene from a Greek vase? I did, here's how it went. See how this years went (below)