Ancientblogger – a bit about me.

AncientBlogger, a short history.

As a kid I grew up loving myths and was in part hooked after watching Jason and the Argonauts as a kid (the original). After finished a degree in Classics and History, I didn’t do the language part which I now regret, I studied for an MA part time at Birkbeck. I never thought I’d end up in academia but just wanted to learn and study even more.

After studying I found myself jobhopping. I still retained a love of the subject and did some Roman reinactment, I now have my own set of legionary armour which I use when I volunteer at schools to work with kids and hopefully spark an interest therein.


Blogging and onwards.

I also spent time blogging, then turning my hand to creating content on Youtube. I have my own channel there. The next step was to turn by blogging into a website and launching a podcast (originally called ‘Ancientblogger’s Podcast). I rebranded it the Ancient History Hound podcast after my parent’s rescue dog became intrigued with a Roman helmet I’d taken round there.

As I write this (the summer of 2023) it’s been going on close to 6 years and I’ve covered a variety of topics. My approach on it has been to hop from subject to subject and try to find the less covered topics. Invariably when I do cover the more established topics I try to do it in a way you may not have heard. Find a different angle, that kind of thing. It certainly scratches an itch in terms of researching and reading up on areas I knew about or weren’t that well known to me. I research a lot, trust me.

Ancient History Hound is available on most platforms and if you get the chance please rate or review – I don’t have a marketing budget!

As you might guess I’m on twitter @ancientblogger and I use the same handle for Instagram and TikTok. I’m only on social media for ancient history. So no politics or anything which has happened in the last few millenia, unless it relates to something modern day. I like having somewhere which is free of the modern day news cycle. 

You can contact me on the above, the links on the front page, or just email me  –

In any case, thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something you enjoy here.

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