A spaceship and ancient sites.

Don’t worry, this isn’t about aliens. Well not really, you see I recently came across a fantastic site which allows you to see what types of spaceships (and other vehicles) would look like when overlayed on a map. The site is called www.parkmyspaceship.com so make sure you check it out. Anyway, here’s a few examples of what I got up to.


colosseum an the Millenium Falcon.

The Millenium Falcon fits snugly here. But there’s a better, more suitable option.

For any Dune fans this is the mouth of a sandworm. If nothing it would make for an easy way to clean the place. 

Circus Maximus.

Long before the Colosseum came to be there was the Circus Maximus, one of Rome’s oldest features. Many of the big games took place here and the odd triumph marched through it. All that military tradition means that a Klingon Battleship feels at home here, and it almost fits.

Roman Forum.

Not quite ‘paint me like one of your Gallic girls’ but you get the idea. This is how the Titanic measured up versus the Forum.

The Acropolis.

Heading over to Greece now with the original Enterprise. I’m unsure if Tiberius ever visited Athens, presumably as he spent time in Rhodes. However, now his namesake James Tiberius Kirk is duly esconced above it. 

Finally the question of whether an X-Wing could fit inside the Parthenon is answered. 


The site of the Olympic games and to get some perspective on the running track here’s a couple of vehicles. First up a Boeing 747.

And finally a Tantive IV from Star Wars, you know, the ship Princess Leia was on right at the beginning of the first film made. Fits almost perfectly. For a bit more on Olympia you can listen to a podcast episode all about it or read here about a provocative statue.

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