Ancient History T-shirts. New designs in and a promo code!

As someone who has a website/blog, podcast, youtube channel and takes the odd day off work to talk to kids about ancient Rome whilst dressed in Roman armour I’d say it’s fair to conclude I like ancient history.

Each birthday and Christmas I furnish relatives with a list of books and hope they don’t waver too much from it. Occasionally I stumble across a well thought out t-shirt or top with a clever logo which links back to antiquity. Recently I added to my wardrobe with these I picked up from

Oddly enough I’ve noticed a lot of people with the Levi’s logo on t-shirts wandering about. It gets me as close to ‘on trend’ as I’ll ever be. It’s also topical as I’m currently working on a series of podcasts which involve reading Livy.

This next one had me chuckling.

Nope, I don’t know what I was trying to convey here. But check the detail, the various locations which feature in the Punic Wars are a nice touch. Apologies if you can’t quite make them out but that’s what they are. 

Star Wars and Carthaginians, what’s not to love?

I contacted History Swagger (@swaggerhistory) and said these were very good and that I’d promote them on my podcast (for free I should add, I don’t charge!). To say thanks I was given a promo code for the listeners but I thought I’d share it here as well. So, to get 10% discount just type in ancienthistoryhound where it asks for a promo code. 

Again, the website is and they have a range of history t-shirts on there. I’m not earning anything out of this by the way, I just enjoy trying to help out good ideas such as this.

If you like then share!

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