greek vase pumpkin

Greek Vase pumpkin 2023.

Over the past several years I have carved pumpkins using a design from a Greek vase (though there is also a Roman mosaic in there as well). I’m still deciding what design to use but in the meantime here are some previous ones and a bit about them.

If you want to have a go then here’s a how-to guide. There is also a video lower down showing how I did it.

Gorgon pumpkin.

The gorgon underwent a change in depiction in Greek art, the archaic period had them as real monsters. Suitable for halloween!

Greek gorgon pumpkin.gorgon from the Francois vase.

Dionysus and the pirates.

One famous myth concerning Dionysus related to him being kidnapped by pirates and then changing them into dolphins. Here it is.

dionysus pumpkin vasedionysus cup

Oedipus and the sphinx.

oedipus sphinx pumpkin

Achilles and Penthesilea.

achilles penthesilea pumpkin

I also recorded a bit about this vase on my YouTube channel.

Fishbourne mosaic.

This design is based on a mosaic found at Fishbourne museum here in the UK.

fishbourne pumpkin

If you’re interested I did a video on how I did this one.

Potnia Theron.

This was one from last year and this summer became a tattoo! For years this image has been a favourite and it’s from the Francois vase (again). You can read more about the Potnia Theron in this piece.

potnia theron pumpkin

Cave Canem pumpkin!

cave canem pumpkincave canem mosaic

This is another mosaic, this time from Pompeii. The difficulty with this one was that it’s a flat image, the ones on vases tend to have the concept of a curved surface (which is what you have) as part of the design.

Achilles and Ajax.

Ajax carries the body of Achilles  – a poignant image and one which I thought turned out well.

achilles ajax pumpkin

Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be sure to put up the pumpkin for Halloween 2023 up here. If you have a go send me some pics and I’ll be sure to share!

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