Mountains in Myth: Podcast notes.

As promised in my podcast here are some supporting notes on the mountains I discussed in the podcast. Links, photos and even podcasts – hope you enjoy!


Firstly, here’s the location (you can see Mount Cithaeron on this map as well).

A great photo of the temple of Delphi with Parnassus looming in the background.

I recently replayed Assassins Creed Odyssey and I mentioned the statue of the bronze wolf at Delphi. Here it is.

In the podcast I mentioned a piece by Prof Jeremy McInerney about the Thyiades. Here’s a link to it.

I also mentioned a piece by Prof Jennifer Larson – here’s a link to that was well.

Mount Cithaeron.

The Blog of Dimni has a number of great photos on his website where he’s trekked across various places in the world, including the mountains in Greece. Here’s a view looking north from the Cithaeron range.

The act of sparagmos was captured in gruesome detail on this from an Attic red-figure clay vase c.480 BC

Mount Taygetos.

As you can see the range stretches for quite a distance. This map helps show how ensconced Sparta was between ranges, it was well defended in that regard.

More pics from Dimni again. This time looking up at the range.

Looking down towards Sparta and the Eurotas valley.

Mount Lykaion.

The Mount Lykaion Excavation Project is brilliant for learning more about the site.

The above image comes from a very interesting post on the subject which has a few more pictures. To read it just click here.

The below picture shows the temenos ruins in the foreground, the altar is at the top of the mountain.

A link to a paper on the argument that this was the birthplace of Zeus.

Other links, vlogs and podcasts.

I included an promo for World of Antiquity, you can find Dr David Miaono on twitter @DrDavidMiano and his YouTube channel is certainly worth subscribing to.

Here’s my podcast on Human Sacrifice in Antiquity (Part Two featuring Greece and Rome).

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I mentioned baths at Lykaion and here’s a podcast about bathing in Greece and Rome.

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Finally, all you needed to know about werewolves in ancient Greece and Rome.

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Here’s where I discuss werewolves in Greece in a bit more detail with a special guest.

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Finally, here’s the podcast.

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