AD 69, Domitian and Daily life in Ancient Rome. My podcast interview with LJ Trafford.

I recently had LJ Trafford on the Ancient History Hound podcast and she spoke on a number of topics. First up LJ Trafford went over the events up to and including AD69. This is otherwise known as the ‘Year of the 4 emperors’. It was hectic, brutal and not without some bizarre events. For example, what happens when you mix too much alcohol with a siege?

After this LJ discussed why Domitian gets a bad rap. In fairness she laid out some very convincing arguments. Then we moved onto her new book which describes Rome in AD 95 as it might appear to the average person there. There was loads to chat about and I learnt a great deal. I’ve ordered her new book ‘How to Survive in Ancient Rome‘, and you can follow LJ on twitter (@TraffordLJ).

Here’s the podcast. I’m looking to do more of these next year so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

[libsyn_podcast id=16898165]

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