Greek Pumpkin Vase 2022!

As you might know for some time I have been carving a pumpkin each year at Halloween inspired by a Greek design or Roman mosaic.

To start with here’s a video on the one I did last year.

Previous designs.

As you saw in the video, this was last year’s design. A mosaic from Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Ajax carrying the body of Achilles from the Francois Vase.


Something a bit more upbeat. The Dionysus cup showing the myth in which Dionysus turned some pirates into dolphins.

Another vase by Exekias. This time Achilles and Penthesilea.

Prometheus having his liver eaten.

Oedipus pondering the riddle of the sphinx.

Ajax and Achilles playing a game. This didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

One of the most haunting vase images, it wasn’t pleasant to do. This is Polyxena being sacrificed.

Gorgon time! One of my favourite designs.

As for what I’ll do this year, well, I still haven’t decided. I’ll be posting on my twitter and instagram so keep an eye out there as well.

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