Persia to Greece (British Museum).

Whenever I get the chance I like to jump on the train and make a visit to the British Museum. It’s not just a trip, it’s a walk down memory lane. I studied for my part time MA nearby at Birkbeck and spent many an hour wandering around the place. This year I took the chance to walk it from London Bridge station. It’s a slight trek but I stopped off for caffeine replenishment at Rosslyn and that got me there in time. I’d booked tickets for the Persia to Greece exhibition which made getting into the museum easier as they have a separate channel for anyone going to an exhibition to use. In case you haven’t visited for a while there is a baggage check and the queue which forms as a result can cause a wait.

Overall it was a very good exhibition. There was a fair amount of gold there and the temptation might have been to rely on the gleam of it all. However, there were other pieces to see and, most importantly, context was given. It wasn’t reduced to a showcase of luxury trinkets.

Here are some photos from the exhibition. I’ll be doing some articles on individual pieces, and other things I saw around the museum. So keep your eyes peeled!

(In case you’re interested I have done an article when I went to the Troy exhibition there and the Feminine Power exhibition).


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