The Idea of Marathon. Episode notes.

Marathon and Dr Sonya Nevin.

I mentioned in the episode some links for Dr Nevin. Thanks again as Dr Nevin gave the sort of insight which is is unmatched particularly in how Marathon was reimagined in later periods.

Dr Nevin’s twitter – @SonyaNevin

The Panoply Vase Animation Project

Discount code.

Bloomsbury, the publishers, have kindly provided a discount code (20%)  on the paperback and ebook for buyers in the UK and USA. You need to go via the Bloomsbury website and enter MARATHON22 for the UK and MARATHON22US for the USA site.

UK site

USA site


The battlefield (as Dr Nevin points out, a lot of this is speculation).

This is the Stoa Poikile (the painted Stoa). It’s where the painting would have been.

And, as ever, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a great resource.

Here’s an attempt at what the painting may have looked like. Lots going on!

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