Thebes: Revenge and Rivalry. Podcast episode notes.

Hellenic History.

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Map of Boeotia and Thebes.

Appreciate this is in French but hopefully you can work out the relevant locations I mention including the regions (Beotie/Boeotia and Attique/Attica). You can see Siphes (Siphae), Delion (Delium) and Platees (Plataea). Good map!

Delium and that flamethrower.

Never expected to find this and wish I had prior to recording the episode. The air was blown across the fiery cauldron which meant the dangerous fire was all at one end. This is a model in the Thessaloniki Science Museum.


Just in case you weren’t aware – the hoplites were the basic infantrymen. There wasn’t much of a standardisation, but the expectation was a shield, spear and some form of body armour (linen corselet). Helmets could vary from a basic cap to the more elaborate Corinthian.

Reading list/Bibliography.

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