Thebes: Apex and Despair. Podcast episode notes.

The final episode on Thebes – some notes.

This is my final episode on Thebes (a sort of  Theban trilogy). I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did researching and recording it.

Casting Through Ancient Greece.

This podcast featured in the podcast. It’s a great listen, and you can find a link to it here.


This is the rebuilt Lion of Chaironeia. It was raised where the Thebans (including the Sacred Band) were slain.

I mentioned King Agesilaus, he did a fair bit of wandering on his campaign and return to Greece. Here’s a map of his route.

On the subject of wandering. Xenophon’s famous march can be seen below:

Consider that this was made whilst various enemies were taking pot-shots,  the Anabasis is an incredible story and worth a read.

Reading List.

The Campaigns of Alexander, Arrian

Guide to Greece, Pausanias

Greek Lives, Plutarch

Hellenica, Xenophon

Hoplites at War, Bardunias and Ray.

Thebes, Paul Cartledge

Greeks and Greek Love, James Davidson

Sparta at War, Scott M Rusch

Delphi, Michael Scott

The dancing floor of War. A study of Theban Imperialism within Boeotia. Alex Wilson.

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